Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Summary and Response to "A Vision of Students Today"

In “A Vision of Students Today” By Dr. Michael Wesch informs us that education is not always relevant for students today because a lot of students read assignments that aren't relevant to them. Students buy hundred dollar textbooks that they don’t even open, some students will read only 8 books in a year, and some students will be over $20,000 dollars in debt after their graduation.  Wesch thinks that since education is not always relevant to them students might not try their best. Wesch wants people to know that not all things students do in class are important for students’ educations and their futures.

Dr. Michael Wesch’s “A Vision of Students Today” is incorrect that education isn't always relevant to students because all assignments that students read are relevant to them. All books that students read help students get better at english and writing because they see it written properly in the book and it is an example to them. Fiction and Sci-fi books help students think outside the box in writing by them writing about futuristic and mind-boggling ideas. Sometimes students need to read something exciting and different from the boring textbooks and regular school books. Students always buy books for school that they would need. They would usually use them every day for class and homework. If students did buy a book they would never use then they could sell it and get their money back. Out-of-school reading habits of students has shown that reading only 15 minutes a day of independent reading can expose students to more than a million words of text a year. When students are in debt, and they can’t pay off the debt, they can get people to help them financially. The money the students pay go towards helping the school and future students. Even if students learn something irrelevant to their education if they try their best then they will do well. When students read their assignments they get better at English.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Reading, Writing, and Thinking Reflection Blog

       Reading, to me, is something that I don't like. I won't read unless I have to. If I start reading a book I really enjoy then I will zone out and will keep reading until I have to stop reading. We read so we can learn new words and word phrases. It helps our minds to grow and it will improve our writing and speech. When I read I try to imagine a picture of what I am reading. I get focused into the book and try to imagine the world they were in. When I get confused when writing I re-read the paragraph or sentence multiple times until I get it or until I realize I won't understand it. I know I am successful when I understand the book or piece of writing and enjoy. I would read non-stop until I finish it. My role as a reader is to learn what I read and to think deeply about what I read.
     Writing is something that when I do I think about what I write. I am not a big fan of writing, but I will write if I am told to. We write so we can improve the neatness of our handwriting. When I write I tend to have a hard time thinking of what to write or how to write it in my own words. I will eventually get it after a few minutes. I make a lot of mistakes when writing and end up writing paragraphs multiple times before I write something I like. I do get confused with my writing sometimes after a week, but I just have to re-read what I wrote and remember what I meant. I know that I am successful at writing something when I can just think of what to write and don't need many changes to my writing it. I would be able to understand my writing instantly. My role as a writer is to get better at writing and get people who read what I write to think about what I wrote.
     I enjoy thinking about different things. I have always been entertained while playing brain games. We think so we can understand something we don't know of. It helps us to get in deep thought and can create mental pictures. When I think I don't realize what is happening around me and won't stop thinking until I fully understand what I am thinking about. If I get confused with one of my thoughts I try to think more about it until I understand or I will search for an answer on my computer or where I got the thought from if possible. I am successful at thinking when I can think multiple thoughts over and over and won't get confused. My role as a thinker is to understand what I am thinking about and not get confused.