Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Summary and Response to "Bully"

Lee Hirsch
In the documentary Bully Lee Hirsch exposes that bullying has become an epidemic because very little people are trying to help the kids being bullied. Hirsch wants people to know that bullying is a bigger problem than people actually think. Parents and friends don’t think bullying is a bad problem until they connect to it. Hirsch informs everyone that kids even take their own lives because of bullying. Bullying is painful physically and emotionally. Hirsch shows people that if they work together than bullying can be stopped. If parents and teachers act and stop the cycle of bullying than it can be solved. Kids who were or are bullied are more likely to bully other kids. Hirsch wants to reveal that people don’t think of bullying as a major problem for kids and that this can be changed.

Alex from Bully

Lee Hirsch’s Bully is absolutely correct that people don’t realize that bullying is a big problem that needs to be fixed and changed. Bullying is not noticed by many people until it personally connects with them. The superintendent said in Bully that if it were her kids being bullied she would do something about it but she never acted to Alex being bullied and choked on the bus. Bullying keeps happening because very little is done about it. The vice principal only told the kids to stop bullying Alex but she never gave punishment. The principal for Tyler’s school wouldn’t admit that he committed suicide because of bullying. Tyler’s parents tried to do something about the bullying but nothing was done about it. Bullies don’t care what happen to their victims they just want to make fun of and hurt someone. Bullies need to be stood up to. Tyler’s friend used to be bullied but when he told them to quit bullying him they stopped bullying him. Bullying hurts people emotionally when someone gets hurt or killed because they were connected with it. When Tyler committed suicide tons of people were sad and depressed because of what happened. Bullying is a big issue waiting to be fixed, but with the help with other people bullying can be noticed and stopped.

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