Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Summary and Response to "Footprints in the Digital Age"

In “Footprints in the Digital Age” by Will Richardson informs that teachers and students need to be Googled well because it is important to be connected to the world.  Richardson tells parents and teachers that if they want to teach students about networking they need to network as well.  Richardson tells his readers that networking is the new literacy.  Almost all kids and teenagers are on some kind of networking site or online game.  If somebody wants information about a person they should be able to Google them and see everything about that person.  If somebody wants to find someone with the same interests they can just search the internet.

Will Richardson
Will Richardson’s “Footprints in the Digital Age” is telling us the truth in saying that networking is the new literacy because over eighty percent of people online are networking.  People need to learn how to network properly so they can be a successful networker themselves and help people who read or watch a particular video or blog.  Students need to learn how to be responsible and safe while still having fun playing an online game like World of Warcraft or any other online game.  Younger kids don’t think of the negative effects of sharing their password and personal information such as where they live, or any other information that may cause harm.  Parents need to teach their kids online safety and parents also need to know how to network properly so they can teach their kids.  If the parents don’t have any experience then their kids will not learn the correct things and this could cause more harm for them in the future.  In addition to learning how to network people need to be able to be Googled well.  For example, if you were at a job interview and the person interviewing you wants to know a little background information on you before you get there they could search your name on Google and information would be there for them to see.  If you are a good networker and you post things that would help your future then the person hiring you would see that.  In conclusion all people need to learn how to network properly because networking is the new literacy.

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  1. Christopher-

    Good work on your summary. There are just a couple of proofreading errors here. Double check where you should have commas.

    Good job in your response. Remove personal words and challenge yourself with increasing your vocabulary.